Brief Profile of The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute

The origin of The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute(MERI) dates back to the establishment of the Economic Research Department of Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha(Mitsubishi Holding Company) in March 1922. The Economic Research Department was reorganized into an independent foundation in April 1932. MERI has been known, both before and after World War II, as the definitive economic research institute in Japan. Since the establishment of Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. as a stock company in 1970, MERI has specialized in unique economic analysis and basic research and accomplished many worthy results . In April 1996, MERI established the Mitsubishi Archives as an affiliated institution to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of Mitsubishi.

2. Mission and activities
MERI's mission is to collect information on foreign and domestic economies and conduct surveys and research relating to them.

Another MERI's mission is to have custody of Mitsubishi Companies' historical business documents and materials, and to conduct research and studies on the history of Mitsubishi's diversified business development since its establishment, along with Japan's industries' development. There is an exhibition hall in the Mitsubishi Archives where visitors may obtain an overall view of Mitsubishi's history, examining real historical archives exhibited there.

Exhibition hours: Monday to Friday
             @@    For the time being 10:00a.m.--4:30p.m.(Adm. by 4:00p.m.)
@@    Closed on Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday and New 
             @@    Year's Holidays (from December 28 to January 5)

For these missions to promote scientific advancement, MERI engages in the following individual activities:
(1) Collecting and classifying information, and offering them for the public viewing
(2) Research, studies, and publication of printed matter
(3) Management of the exhibition hall in the Mitsubishi Archives
(4) Other necessary activities for attaining of these missions.

3.Organizational structure
Chairman : Takashi@Oyamada
               (Senior Advisor, MUFG Bank , Ltd.)
Vice Chairman : Yasushi Marumori
Executive Directors : Toshiki Murahashi, Junichi Sugiura
MERI consists of three divisions - Research Division and its Library, Archives Division and General Affairs Division.

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